GRITEx AI Science Programs

DSc in AI Science Program Description

GRITEx has been offering 100% online DSc of Computer Science in Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs (DSCAS), it is currently comprised of four graduate level courses: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Robotics, and Computer Vision.

In GRITEx, the curriculum Ph.D that students complete toward a DSc in AI Science degree must be represented 65% of the coursework and remaining 35% is the research projects and journal papers in AI field.

DSc in AI Science Syllabus

Earning a Doctor of Computer Science in AI Science can help you gain a broad skill set and knowledge that can be applied to a vast number of AI tech-related careers, such as AI engineering, AI science, machine learning engineering, robotics, or computer vision in core areas of investigation include Control, AI and Cognition, Interaction, and Perception.

To be qualified program, you must be learned knowledge and completed the assignments in the following subjects:

CodeCourse NameCreditPrerequisites
CSCore Subjects 20 
CS201Advanced Mathematical of Artificial Intelligence5None
CS202High Dimensional Probability and Statistics5CS201
CS203Linear Optimization and Nonlinear Optimization5CS201
CS204Probabilistic and Statistical Inference5CS201
MLMachine Learning Specialization (Choose 02 subjects) 12* 
ML201Advanced Machine Learning6CS201
ML202Azure Machine Learning6CS201
ML203AWS Machine Learning6CS201
ML204Google Machine Learning6CS201
ML205Facebook Machine Learning6CS201
DLDeep Learning Specialization (Choose 02 subjects) 12* 
DL201Deep Learning Framework and Tools6ML201
DL202Neural Networks for Object Recognition and Detection6DL201
DL203Advanced Artificial Neural Networks Algorithms and Models6DL201
DL204Advanced Recurrent Neural Networks Algorithms and Models6DL201
DL205Advanced Artificial Natural-Language Processing6DL201
CVComputer Vision Specialization (Choose 02 subjects) 12* 
CV201Human and Computer Vision6CS201
CV202Geometry for Computer Vision6CV201
CV203Advanced Object Recognition and Detection6CV201
CV204Advanced 3D Computer Vision6CV201
CV205Advanced Computer Vision and Framework6CV201
RBRobotics Specialization (Choose 02 subjects) 12* 
RB201Perception and Information Processing for Robotics10CS201
RB202Robot Perception and Learning10RB201
RB203Intelligent Systems and Robotics10RB202
ESElectives Subjects (Choose 01 subject) 3* 
ES201Bayesian Machine Learning3None
ES202Deep Reinforcement Learning3None
ML201Statistical Learning Models for Text and Graph Data3None
DL201Speech Processing3None
DL204Data Mining3None
DL204Big Data Processing3None
DL205Computational Data Analysis3None
FSFinal Subjects 24 
FS202Thesis Research in Artificial Intelligence24All
RSRequired Subjects 18 
RS201Indexed Scopus/SCI/IEEE/ISSN Journal Papers12All
RS202Tranformation and Implementation of Research Paper6RS201

Admissions Requirements

To be considered for entry into DSc in AI Science Program please submit the following:

  • Required - Online Registration Application
  • Required - Registration fee of DSc in AI Science Program.
  • Required - Copy of Master of Computer Science in AI Science degree from College or University attended.
  • Required - Copy (02 sides) of Passport or National Identify Card.

Doctoral accepted students must enroll (confirm and register) as per the instruction given. Online program without assistantship or self-paced students will not need to pay the school fees.

A program tailored to you

You can enter this program with a background in Computer Science or Information Technology, and the program will be tailored to build your skills in the other discipline.

Beyond the core subjects, elective subjects give you the freedom to dive deeper into a specialist area of data science.

Flexibility to follow your interests and capstone project

Core subjects will give you a solid grounding in data science, so you can choose the business domain with a major data science project to feature in your field.

In the capstone project, you can apply data science tools to a practical problem by working individually or as part of a team to showcase your major skills.

Acceptance Criteria to graduate the Doctor of Computer Science in AI Science program

To be graduated and got the Doctor of Computer Science in AI Science degree, YOU MUST BE

  • Completed - Payment of Registration fee of Program.
  • Fulfilled and Submitted - Assigment of 14 subjects (77 credits) of Doctor of Computer Science in AI Science Program.
  • Fulfilled and Submitted - Capstone project or Thesis (24 credits) of Program.
  • Indexed Scopus, SCI, ISSN and Submitted - at least two (02) journal paper (12 credits) in AI Science field to the training management department.

Once you submit a complete all required materials are received, your file will be sent to be reviewed by the Doctoral Committee. Material documents are reviewed by the Doctoral Committee after the deadline is passed. The GRITEx will indicate when your program is complete and make a plan to certify DSc in AI Science degree to you.

If you have understood program structure and graduation requirements, please click on Apply Program Now! at the top of our home page and create an account then following instructions.