About GRITEx

About GRITEx

GRITEx is a place for researching, learning, working, monitoring, innovation, expression, sharing, and discourse of emerging technologies.

Do you like to be a GRITEx researcher? let's join as a researcher at GRITEx and get in the learning paths of study, learning, experience, and growth via social or commercial research projects.

Who we are!

We GRITEx are a Non-Profit Organization, Research Institute, Training Institute in the area of Engineering Technologies. We aim to actively promote the development and application of technologies to the Society through the use of digital environments for Education and Industries.

What we do!

GRITEx research activities fall in these areas: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science, Data Engineering, IoT and AIoT Engineering, Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Technology, Cloud Computing, Quantum Computing, and Technology-related AI ecosystem.

Partners and Areas we target !

Our research area goes Manufacturing, Healthcare, Supply Chain, Logistics, Education, Social Media, Robotics, Self-Driving Car, and Agriculture. Our partners go from Researchers, Ph.D., Students, Professors, Academics, Industry Experts from institutes to companies, or professionals in different sectors.

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