GRITEx Data Scientist Programs

Data Scientist Program Description

Data Science is a dynamic field that’s becoming increasingly valuable to many companies, small, large and mid-size. From capturing data to communicating results, data scientists play an important role in helping businesses make strategic decisions and optimize outcomes. Where it traditionally encompassed data mining, programming skills, and analyzing sets of data, data science today is expansive and involves looking at the entire data science life cycle.

The Data Scientist 100% online program (MSCDS) will provide the knowledge, skills and experience to equip the graduate to operate independently as a data scientist within any business domain. The training it provides also supports several career paths, by: honing data skills at the frontier of machine intelligence research to become a data scientist for hire; up-skilling to build intelligent data-driven systems in an existing area of expertise (e.g., data mining, data analysis); improving scientific research through training in data management, analysis, and modelling.

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Data Scientist Program Syllabus

Earning a Data Scientist certificate can help you gain a broad skill set and knowledge that can be applied to a vast number of tech-related careers, such as data engineering, data architecture, big data engineering or computer programming.

To be qualified program, you must be learned knowledge and completed the assignments in the following subjects:

CodeCourse NameCredits*HoursPrerequisites
CSCore Subjects 26*3 
CS201Math for Data Scientists2*3None
CS202Applied Statistics with R Programming Language3*3None
CS203Applied Statistics with Python Programming Language3*3None
CS204Data Science in Practice2*3CS202-CS203
CS205Foundations of Data Engineering2*3CS202-CS203
CS206Database Systems4*3None
CS207Data Mining4*3CS206
CS208Practical Machine Learning4*3CS203-CS207
DA202Data Visualization 2*3DA201
DSData Modeling Specialization 8*3 
DM201Supervised Learning Methods2*3CS207
DM202Data Modeling for Supervised Learning2*3CS207-DM201
DM203Unsupervised Learning Methods2*3CS207
DM204Data Modeling for Unsupervised Learning2*3CS207-DM202
FSCapstone Project 36*3 
FS201Capstone Project24*3All
MSCAS-FS202Tranformation and Implementation of Research Paper12*3FS201
 Total hours210 

Admissions Requirements

To be considered for entry into Data Scientist Program please submit the following:

  • Required - Online Registration Application
  • Required - Copy (02 sides) of Passport or National Identify Card.

Scientist accepted students must enroll (confirm and register) as per the instruction given. Online program without assistantship or self-paced students will not need to pay the school fees.

Flexibility to follow your interests and capstone project

Core subjects will give you a solid grounding in data science, so you can choose the business domain with a major data science project to feature in your field.

In the capstone project, you can apply data science tools to a practical problem by working individually or as part of a team to showcase your major skills.

Acceptance Criteria to graduate the Data Scientist program

To be graduated and got the Data Scientist certificate, YOU MUST BE

  • Completed - Payment of Registration fee of Program.
  • Fulfilled and Submitted - Assigment of 13 subjects (46 credits = 138 hours) of Program.
  • Fulfilled and Submitted - Capstone project (24 credits = 72 hours) of Program.

Once you submit a complete all required materials are received, your file will be sent to be reviewed by the Technonolgy Committee. Material documents are reviewed by the Technonolgy Committee after the deadline is passed. The GRITEx will indicate when your program is complete and make a plan to certify Data Scientist certificate to you.

If you have understood program structure and graduation requirements, please click on Apply Program Now! at the top of our home page and create an account then following instructions.