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DSc in Data Science Program Description

Data has become the cornerstone of many industries, from education, logistics, retail, healthcare, supply chain, and manufacturing to all levels of government. Organizations use data to provide better services and ensure their business success, but it requires ongoing work to gather, secure, and utilize it properly. DSc in Data Science or Data Scientist is the professionals that help organizations unleash the power of data to make informed decisions and drive growth.

DSc in Data Science 100% online program (DSCDS) is designed to help students get an edge in this dynamic, and emerging field. Not only will students gain in-depth knowledge of critical topics, but they’ll also learn from a curriculum that is aligned with the industry’s needs, including the specialization program structure. Students will also get the opportunity to get hands-on experience by joining and practicing research projects at GRITEx Research center.

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DSc in Data Science Syllabus

The Doctor of Comupter Science in Data Science program rigorously trains data scientists of the future who can

  • Develop methodology and harness statistical tools to find answers to questions that transcend the boundaries of traditional academic disciplines for supporting making-decision any business domain.
  • Clearly transfer and communicate to extract crisp questions from big data, heterogeneous data, and uncertain data.
  • Effectively translate fundamental research insights into data science practice in the sciences, medicine, healthcare, industry, manufacturing, and government.
  • have aware of the ethical implications of their work and contributions.

To be qualified program, you must be learned knowledge and completed the assignments in the following subjects:

CodeCourse NameCreditPrerequisites
GSGeneral Subjects 12 
GS201Introduction and Principles of Data Science1None
GS202Mathematical Foundations for Data Science1None
GS203Statistical Computing with Python Language2None
GS203Statistical Computing with SAS Language1GS203
GS204Statistical Computing with R Language1GS203
GS205Regression Analysis Methods2GS203
GS206Applied Linear Models and Methods2GS203
GS207Graph Theory in Data Science2GS203
CSComputational Systems 6 
CS201Distributed Systems and Cloud Computing3None
CS202Advanced Algorithm Design and Implementation3None
AMData Architecture and Management (Choose 04 subjects) 12 
AM201Advanced Data Mining and Analysis3None
AM202Data Architecture and Modeling3None
AM203Advanced Modeling Techniques3AM202
AM204Data Management System Design3AM202
AM205Enterprise Database Management3AM202
AM206Big Data Integration and Management3AM201
AM207Mobile Systems and Applications3None
AIAI and Machine Learning (Choose 03 subjects) 6* 
AI201Artificial Intelligence 2None
AI202Machine Learning2AI201
AI203Natural Language Processing2AI201
AI204Foundations of Computer Vision2AI201-AI202
AI205Intelligent Systems and Robotics2AI201-AI202
DAData Analytics Specialization (Choose 04 subjects) 8* 
DA201Inferential Statistics and Predictive Analytics2None
DA202Applied Multivariate Analysis2DA201
DA203Quantitative Research Design & Methodology2DA201-DA202
DA204Qualitative Research Design & Methodology2CS205
DA205Constructive Research Design & Methodology2CS205
DA205Data Visualization and Data Reporting2CS205
DA205Business Intelligence and Case Studies2CS205
FSElectives Final Subjects 12 
FS202Thesis Research6All
RSRequired Subjects 16 
RS201Indexed Scopus/SCI/IEEE/ISSN Journal Papers12All
RS202Tranformation and Implementation of Research Paper4RS201

Admissions Requirements

To be considered for entry into DSc in Data Science Program please submit the following:

  • Required - Online Registration Application
  • Required - Registration fee of DSc in Data Science Program.
  • Required - Copy of Master of Computer Science degree from College or University attended.
  • Required - Copy (02 sides) of Passport or National Identify Card.

Doctoral accepted students must enroll (confirm and register) as per the instruction given. Online program without assistantship or self-paced students will not need to pay the school fees.

A program tailored to you

You can enter this program with a background in Computer Science or Information Technology, and the program will be tailored to build your skills in the other discipline.

Beyond the core subjects, elective subjects give you the freedom to dive deeper into a specialist area of data science.

Flexibility to follow your interests and capstone project

Core subjects will give you a solid grounding in data science, so you can choose the business domain with a major data science project to feature in your field.

In the capstone project, you can apply data science tools to a practical problem by working individually or as part of a team to showcase your major skills.

Acceptance Criteria to graduate the Doctor of Computer Science in Data Science program

To be graduated and got the Doctor of Computer Science in Data Science degree, YOU MUST BE

  • Completed - Payment of Registration fee of Program.
  • Fulfilled and Submitted - Assigment of 22 subjects (58 credits) of Doctor of Computer Science in Data Science Program.
  • Fulfilled and Submitted - Capstone project or Thesis of Program.
  • Indexed Scopus, SCI, ISSN and Submitted - at two (02) journal papers in Data Science field to the training management department.

Once you submit a complete all required materials are received, your file will be sent to be reviewed by the Doctoral Committee. Material documents are reviewed by the Doctoral Committee after the deadline is passed. The GRITEx will indicate when your program is complete and make a plan to certify DSc in Data Science degree to you.

If you have understood program structure and graduation requirements, please click on Apply Program Now! at the top of our home page and create an account then following instructions.